For as long as she can remember, Margaux Brown has been possessed by antique jewelry and the transformative power of adornment. A lifelong pursuit—beginning in childhood dreams among the illustrations of Arthur Rackham and Aubrey Beardsley—led to rigorous studies of the histories of fashion, art, design and jewelry. She fancies the limitless opportunity jewelry presents for personal expression: the message belongs to the wearer. And she is equally captivated by the meticulous design and symbolic beauty of storied jewels and their everlasting lure.

Margaux’s own discerning quest for an engagement ring inspired Wanton. That single, eternal and perfect symbol had to be as mesmerizing as her romance with her fiancé, with whom she is now eternally entwined. The search required knowledge, persistence and an unyielding commitment to quality. Ultimately, it led her to the quintessential ring and the birth of Wanton.

Her aesthetic expertise, coupled with a commitment to historical accuracy and authenticity, are at the heart of Wanton. A Chicago native and later resident of Rome and Vancouver, Margaux earned a BA in Classics and a MA in art history. Her studies, recognized with honors, emphasized the history of jewelry and the iconography of the New Woman. She is a Gemological Institute of America Graduate in Diamonds and a member of the Antique Jewelry Historian’s Society. As Wanton’s sole curator, Margaux selects only those pieces she covets: forever jewels that embody the past and illuminate the present.