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Yellow and Black Enamel Cufflinks

Yellow and Black Enamel Cufflinks

Double-sided cufflinks showcase the classic deco color combination of black, white and yellow combined with the era’s clean geometric lines. Each rectangular face is divided into three triangular sections. A sleek ebony triangle contrasts smartly with the harlequin pattern of Van Gogh yellow and snow-white triangles framed in silver.  An elongated silver strap connector links the faces.

Utterly suavé.

Signed: K&N


Period: Art Deco
Circa: 1935
Origin: England
Condition: Very good
Materials: Enamel and sterling silver
Dimensions: 15.9 mm long,  9.5 mm wide
Weight: 3.8 grams

Wear it with:

Your favorite French cuff shirt. Kissing cuffs, if you please.