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Opal and Diamond Plique-à-Jour Ring

Opal and Diamond Plique-à-Jour Ring

Evocative of  A Thousand and One Nights,  this mesmerizing ring captures the mood of the fin-de-siècle, when artistry, symbolism and enigmatic beauty were prized over the sheer intrinsic value of materials. The unusual elongated serpentine mount is crowned with an early European-cut diamond (.47 carats) in a collet setting. Beneath is an oval cabochon opal in a gold bezel, wrapped in a sinuous frame of bead-set diamonds. The hoop, its shoulders adorned with sixteen European-cut diamonds in platinum over gold, sweeps downward creating additional movement. Translucent plique-à-jour enamel in a lush shade of pale blue forms the central plaque. The luminescent opal at the base showcases a bezel-set diamond (.12 carats) and echoes its circular mate at the crown. Truly saucy and one of a kind.


Period: Art Nouveau
Circa: 1900
Origin: France
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Diamond , opal, enamel, white and 18K yellow gold
Dimensions: US ring size 5 1/2; gallery 31.8 cm long, 12.7 mm wide 
Weight: 4.5 grams

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