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Montrose Blue Agate Earrings

Montrose Blue Agate Earrings

Collectors have long been infatuated with the unique beauty of Scottish jewelry. At once romantic and rustic, these enduring jewels capture the unbridled romanticism of the Scottish Highlands. Queen Victoria’s fixation with Scotland was common knowledge; she and her entourage frolicked in the grand Balmoral Castle in Highland jewels and Scottish dress. Agate, a variety of quartz, was available in a compelling array of colors—from violet blue gray to emerald green to russet and mocha—artfully combined with silver, golden citrines, and purple amethysts to create lush color combinations evocative of the wild Scottish countryside. Scottish pebble jewelry was so in demand that English artisans began to produce their very own “Scottish” baubles, often fashioned with stones sourced from Germany and beyond.

Our agate pendant earrings feature variegated gray blue hues of Montrose agate and sterling silver. The stylized fleur-de-lis surmounts highlight a marquise stone flanked by two thorn shapes. Two doorknocker loops dangle beneath and swing to and fro with your every movement. The larger loop showcases three agate stones; the smaller two stones. Both loops are framed with engraved sterling silver to better flaunt the striated agate.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1860
Origin: England
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Sterling silver, agate
Dimensions: 6.35 cm long, 19 mm wide
Weight: 7.4 grams

Wear it with:

Rick Owens leather or cashmere