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Gold and Garnet Iberian Pendeloque Earrings

Gold and Garnet Iberian Pendeloque Earrings

Wildly fashionable in the second half of the eighteenth century, the pendeloque is a type of earring comprised of a round, oval or marquise-shaped surmount, a bow or butterfly motif and a pendulous drop. Their elongated outline served as a counterbalance to the teetering coiffures of the day. Lighter than their weightier cousin, the girandoles, pendoloques have only one drop instead of three. Provincial earrings from the Iberian Peninsula developed their own visual vocabulary. Semiprecious gems replaced diamonds and high carat gold was typically preferred to silver. Occasionally their huge scale required additional support hooks that were placed over the ear. Such is the price of beauty.

Our regal hessonite garnet pendeloques are set in closed-back gold settings, surrounded by the tiniest of diamond chips with “rubbed over” settings in silver. These rustic beauties consist of three parts: an oval-shaped surmount, a butterfly-shaped floral spray center, and an elongated pear-shaped drop. The bottom drop may be removed should you desire a more discreet silhouette. Stunning and easy to wear.


Period: Georgian
Circa: 1790
Origin: Spain
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Gold, sterling silver, hessonite garnet
Dimensions: 8.89 cm long, 2.54 cm wide
Weight: 41.4 grams

Wear it with:

Perfect with leather or lace or both