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Enameled Serpent Bracelet

Enameled Serpent Bracelet

Spurred by Queen Victoria’s preoccupation with bejeweled snakes, the serpent bracelet was one of the most ubiquitous forms of jewelry in the Romantic period, a surprising fact given the subsequent perceptions toward serpent iconography.  Often worn in pairs, over the wrists for day wear and on the bare upper arms above white gloves for evening, the bracelet was often the only form of personal adornment.

Our compelling serpentine bracelet is composed of a spring-loaded flexible coiled bangle, which dates the piece to the 1840s when expanding bracelets made their debut. Her handsome head and tail are saturated in vivid green guilloché enameled scales. Flecked with rose-cut diamonds on her snout, her crown, around her neck and tail, she still is as commanding today as she was in her heyday. Beauty notwithstanding, she is a rarity, as enameled bracelets rarely survive undamaged.

Hallmarked AM, most likely Alexander MacRae.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1845
Origin: England
Condition: Excellent
Materials: 18k gold, three (3) rosette-cut diamonds measuring 1.2 mm in diameter and fifteen (15) rosette diamonds measuring 1.3-1.6 mm in diameter. Two round cabochon, pink sapphires.
Dimensions: 16.5 cm x 5.8 mm
Weight: 27.0 grams

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