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Emerald and Pearl Chandelier Earrings

Emerald and Pearl Chandelier Earrings

Western Europe has long been enchanted with the fantasy of the “exotic other” and captivated by the sumptuous decorative arts of the Orient.  Following the debut of ethnic jewelry at London’s Crystal Palace Great Exhibition in 1851, leading jewelers such as Carlo and Arthur Giuliano and later innovators of the Art & Crafts movement were inspired by the eclecticism of design and the “spiritually superior” qualities of handcrafted jewelry. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Indian, Persian and Moorish design themes and techniques became increasingly prominent in Western jewelry. Motifs included the use of semiprecious gemstones cut en cabachon in closed settings, rose-cut gemstones and briolettes, an acceptable presence of irregularity in materials and execution (to underscore their handcrafted nature) along with richly colored enamels and pearls.

These mesmerizing handmade pendant earrings reflect this fusion of Indo-Western style. A delicate gold hoop with tiny pearls supports a surmount of rose, blue, green and white enamel from which dangles a ring of pearls. The central briolette-shaped drop is embellished with a double ring of pearls. The bottom tier consists of an emerald briolette, encircled with a gold belt with suspended pearls. Put these on and channel your inner goddess.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1860
Origin: Asia
Condition: Very Good. Very light wear on the edge of the enameled surmounts and the emeralds commensurate with age
Materials: Enamel, gold, emeralds, pearls
Dimensions: 7.6 cm long, 4.4 cm wide
Weight: 13.9 grams

Wear them with:

A Pucci caftan or your go-to vintage maxi dress