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Diamond Damselfly Brooch

Diamond Damselfly Brooch

Insects were a must in the arsenal of personal adornment at the turn of the century. Delicate brooches of dragonflies, bees, butterflies and spiders were fastened en masse around the bodice, or pinned on lace or tulle and piled around the neckline.  More was more on the décolleté. How little times have changed.

This ethereal damselfly from the fin-de-siècle consists of delicate openwork diamond wings set with a total of ninety-eight rosette-cut diamonds. The damselfly is en tremblant; she is mounted on an ingenious spring mechanism that enables her to tremble on your body. Her slender abdomen is realistically rendered and articulated into five segments, each adorned with three rosette diamonds. A bezel-set natural cabochon ruby of purplish red represents her thorax. Her eyes are set with two vivid natural rosette emeralds.


Period: Edwardian
Circa: 1890
Origin: France
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Sterling silver over 15k gold. Two (2) natural beryl emeralds, fifteen (15) rosette diamonds measuring 1.5 mm in diameter, approximately 0.01 carat each. Ninety-eight (98) rosette diamonds ranging from 0.0050 to .015 carat each, and a 0.60 carat natural red ruby
Dimensions: 63 mm long, 67 mm wide 
Weight: 10.3 grams

Wear it with:

Fasten her to a satin ribbon and tie her around your wrist