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Bohemian Garnet Heart Bracelet

Bohemian Garnet Heart Bracelet

Pyrope garnets (pyrope garnets, derived from the Greek, pyr or fire and ops, eyes or face) have remained the most popular form of garnet since the Victorian age. Sourced in Bohemia near Trebnitz (thus their attribution), pyrope garnet is a luscious, transparent ruby red. Symbolically linked to the pomegranate seed (garnet means “seed-like” in Latin), the stone signifies passion, healing and transformation. The garnet is said to heal the broken bonds of forlorn lovers and ignite passion between new lovers. One cannot go wrong. In the Victorian acrostic jewelry, garnet often represented the G in “regard.”

Our unabashedly romantic garnet bangle features voluptuous burgundy heart-shaped stones, which form a central floral or clover design. The center is flanked by two additional hearts, and framed by four garnets cut en cabachon. All components, including the push button clasp and safety chain, are original and mint. Garnets cover the entire surface of the Bohemian gold band. Utterly charming and so modern.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1870
Origin: England
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Pyrope garnets, Bohemian gold (gold-washed vermeil)
Dimensions: Inside circumference: 17 cm,  9.5 mm space when opened
Weight: 17.8 grams

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