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Bohemian Garnet Cupid’s Dart Necklace

Bohemian Garnet Cupid’s Dart Necklace

Dripping with flat-cut Bohemian garnets, this bewitching necklace showcases the Victorian fixation with naturalism. Cupid’s dart (Catananche caerulea) is an ancient herb famous for its showy blue-violet flowers as well as its erotic powers. Embodying love and passion in the language of flowers, savvy ladies and gents were well aware that both the Greeks and Romans used cupid’s dart in their love potions.

Five large garnet-encrusted cupid’s darts form the center of the necklace. Stamens are artfully set with floral-shaped bezels. Single dart-shaped pendants of graduating sizes dangle from each flower. The chain is composed entirely of dainty linked flowers, which decrease in size toward the cleverly hidden floral clasp. Garnets are set open back, allowing the light to penetrate the stones.

The juxtaposition of the graceful floral forms and masculine angular darts is not only enchanting, but also quite contemporary. Absolutely romantic and a little bit edgy.

Ready, aim, fire.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1880
Origin: England
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Garnets and gold-washed vermeil
Dimensions: 40.6 cm long
Weight: 18.1 grams

Wear it with:

Wanton recommends bare skin. If you must, the Row’s elegant Suna dress will do very nicely.