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Bohemian Garnet Butterfly Brooch

Bohemian Garnet Butterfly Brooch

Brooches of butterflies and creatures of all varieties were considered a must in the jewelry wardrobe at the turn of the century. Just like today, it was not about matching, but all about decking out the décolleté. Smaller in scale and more delicate in form than their predecessors, fin-de-siècle brooches were scattered around the bodice, or pinned on lace or tulle and draped around the neckline.

This lovely swallowtail butterfly is composed entirely of pyrope garnets (derived from the Greek, pyr or fire and ops, eyes or face), the most ubiquitous form of garnet since the Victorian age. Sourced in Bohemia near Trebnitz (thus their Bohemian attribution), pyrope garnet is a deep, translucent ruby red. Symbolically linked to the pomegranate seed (garnet means “seed-like” in Latin), the stone signifies passion and transformation. Her wings and forewings are meticulously prong set with varying-sized garnets. The open settings behind the larger stones admit the light and allow for extra shimmer.


Period: Victorian
Circa: 1880
Origin: England
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Garnet, Bohemian gold (gold-washed vermeil)
Dimensions: 63 mm by 63 mm
Weight: 10.0 grams

Wear it with:

Fasten her to a grosgrain ribbon for a DIY choker or cuff bracelet