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18th Century Enamel Swag Earrings 18th Century Enamel Swag Earrings

18th-Century Enamel Swag Earrings

These captivating pendant earrings evoke the classical craze of the early nineteenth century, when Hellenistic updos and sinking décolletés refocused jewelers’ attention on the earring. In Europe, the earring reverted in style to eighteenth-century forms, appropriately adapted to suit the postwar economic depression. Precious metals and gemstones were scarce, prompting the development of long, light earrings stamped from thin gold sheets and decorated en repouseé with intricate Classical motifs.

True to the era, the oval-shaped surmount is encircled with a ring of tiny pearls and cobalt blue enamel. A large paper-thin gold plaque, embellished with a delicate olive branch motif, is suspended from fine double-linked chains. The teardrop-shaped pendant is divided into two triangular forms delineated with blue enamel. The semicircular plaque base is punched with a horizontal oval that visually echoes the vertical oval on the surmount. Note the intricate engraving on the plaque. Even after several centuries, these earrings are still fetching and so now.


Period: Georgian
Circa: 1815
Origin: Europe
Condition: Excellent with minor age-appropriate surface wear commensurate with their age
Materials: 18k gold, seed pearls and enamel
Dimensions: 64 mm long by 22 mm wide
Weight: 6.8 grams

Wear them with:

Lanvin’s elegant one-shouldered mastic-washed crepe dress or a your gentleman’s white tee shirt